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Which Season Uniforms

How should the choice Work Clothes

How should the choice of business clothes be made according to the current season?

Klothfine Uniforms are produced with workwear, which allows people to work more comfortably and does not cause difficulties. The company also pays attention to designs, as they allow the staff to look beautiful and work more comfortably. In order to reach a safe working standard, companies are required to buy work clothes for sale. For example, there are types of dresses that allow the technical team to work even in winter. Klothfine produces Uniforms, the dresses of which cause the staff to work safer and better every season. In addition, discomfort comes to the fore if the workers are too dirty. For this reason, there are many dresses that do not easily catch dirt, and the production of these dresses takes place. For most business suits, a simple design is preferred, and a shiny fabric is chosen to prevent dirt retention.

Klothfine Uniform company produces clothes that provide comfort. The company produces some dresses with baggy designs that make workers work more comfortably and thus improve work performance in their workplace. Because there is a lot of sweating in the summer, some dresses also take on a lighter and shabbier design.

Klothfine Uniform produces dresses suitable for every season and pays attention to the fact that the dresses are suitable for printing. Companies prefer a completely simple design so that they can print their own logos and emblems. Since the dresses are made for both winter and summer, it makes the staff work more comfortable. The problem of chills in winter and sweating in summer completely disappears.

Especially in summer, 100% Cotton Combed fabric should be used.
In winter, mainly 65% Poly 35% cotton or 100% cotton Gabardine fabric is used. If work is carried out outdoors, preference should be given to work clothes made of polyester blended fabrics with water-repellent properties.
Klothfine Textile produces work clothes with fully certified and non-harmful fabrics for human health.

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